"Whatever the situation, location or quantity of trees we have the experience"

Tree Felling

Sometimes tree management requires tree removal due to various reasons, safety, building projects, landscaping and others. Whatever the situation, location or quantity of trees we have the experience, training and qualifications to deal with the work.

  • Straight felling.
  • Felling via dismantling using rope rigging systems.
  • Felling with the use of mobile cranes.
  • Garden trees.
  • Large scale site clearances.
  • Woodland operations

Stump Grinding

After tree removal it may be necessary to have the remaining stump dealt with.  You can Contact us for any small or large stump grinding requirements, even old, pre-existing stumps.


Replacing removed trees, planting garden trees or large scale building/planting projects. Planting hedgerows, conifers and countryside hedging species. Our planting services can help you to select species that will not out grow their location when they reach maturity, that are suitable for the local climate, that will complement the rest of your landscape. Help you to get the correct spacing when planting to create your future landscape and ultimately save you money on future tree work and tree replacements. Let us take your tree planting problems and give you landscape solutions.